Early Start for Bush & Clinton Fundraising

The establishment has already started their efforts in raising cash from big special interests. Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are already at work raising money for their corrupt campaigns for President.  Jeb Bush is cozying up with the fat cats that are ready to buy their influence in Washington. In recent fundraising events he demanded a $100,000 check to listen to him pontificate on big government. Jeb Bush supports amnesty, federal control over education, and more government spending! He does not care about conservatives, the Constitution, or the American people! His only priority is pleasing the rich donors that support his campaign. Hillary Clinton is also reaching into deep pockets to win the 2016 race. There is no doubt that Clinton will be looking to her supporters in Hollywood to raise big money. Barbra Streisand, Steven Spielberg, and Madonna are all sure to donate large sums to her super PAC and campaign. Hillary Clinton is nothing more than four more years of the liberal, Obama agenda. Obama's supporters will be sure to have Clinton's ear in the White House. Conservative Americans need to start acting now unless they want to see a corrupt politician take the White House in 2016. Conservative Liberty Coalition will be working hard to ensure that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton do not stand a chance winning the Presidential race. But we need to act now! It is time to organize the grassroots and the conservative movement to make sure a true American patriot dethrones the Obama administration!   

Conservative Joe Walsh Considers Challenging Mark Kirk

Conservative patriot Joe Walsh is revving up what appears to be a run for US Senate. Walsh stands for true conservative principles and he will not cut back room deals. The Washington elite cannot manipulate Joe Walsh! Walsh will work toward repealing ObamaCare and stopping amnesty. As a conservative, Joe Walsh supports balancing the budget and ending Washington's reckless spending. He knows that our children's future is harmed by our national debt, and he wants to work toward repairing the damage done by the extremist Obama agenda! Conservative Liberty Coalition believes that Joe Walsh is the best conservative choice for Illinois. When he decides to run, we will do whatever it takes to elect Joe Walsh to the US Senate!   

Primary for Mark Kirk?

RINO Mark Kirk needs to go!  Kirk is not a true conservative! He supported Obama's "Cap and Trade" plan to skyrocket our electrical bills and increase taxes on hard working Americans. In the Senate he has voted to strip away our Second Amendment rights and take away guns from law abiding Americans. Kirk has a ZERO PERCENT voting record on border security from The Federation for American Immigration Reform. He has repeatedly voted to extend tax payer benefits to illegal aliens and loosen residency rules.  There is no question that Mark Kirk does not represent the true values of Republican voters. Mark Kirk should be running as a Democrat! 

Obama's Right Hand Man Harry Reid Retiring!

Enough damage has been done by Obama's right hand man, Harry Reid! After 32 years in Congress, Harry Reid is finally going back home to Nevada. Reid has spent his career growing the government and advancing the radical left wing agenda. In the Senate he was responsible for ramming through the unconstitutional mandate ObamaCare and stripping away our fundamental rights. Harry Reid has done nothing more than silence Obama's opposition and saddle America with a burdensome national debt!  Now that his reign of liberal tyranny is coming to and end, we have the opportunity to replace Obama's right hand man with a true American conservative hero. With an open Senate seat we must work together to make sure that this opportunity is not missed! We cannot allow another extremist liberal to be elected! Several conservative candidates that we can stand by are speculated to run and Conservative Liberty Coalition will work tirelessly to see one of them take the Senate seat back!