Obama's Right Hand Man Harry Reid Retiring!


Enough damage has been done by Obama's right hand man, Harry Reid! After 32 years in Congress, Harry Reid is finally going back home to Nevada. Reid has spent his career growing the government and advancing the radical left wing agenda. In the Senate he was responsible for ramming through the unconstitutional mandate ObamaCare and stripping away our fundamental rights. Harry Reid has done nothing more than silence Obama's opposition and saddle America with a burdensome national debt! 

Now that his reign of liberal tyranny is coming to and end, we have the opportunity to replace Obama's right hand man with a true American conservative hero. With an open Senate seat we must work together to make sure that this opportunity is not missed! We cannot allow another extremist liberal to be elected!

Several conservative candidates that we can stand by are speculated to run and Conservative Liberty Coalition will work tirelessly to see one of them take the Senate seat back!